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anyone wanna go to Alaska with me

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TRAVEL WITH ME Good luck and success to you, not only today. I wish you happiness. Author the video. MikhaiLЛяhovskiy



proof that sometimes the best thing is being your own biggest supporter 

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According to the International Business Times, “some 120 volunteers spent seven hours” placing begonias on the square as a tribute to Turkish immigrants who began traveling to Brussels 50 years ago. 

What a wonderful way to honor the beauty of community. 

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"There are days
so cold and lonely
that I will turn a lamp on
for heat’s company"

- Our bedroom grew cold when it became my bedroom. — The Whiskey Writer (via the-whiskey-writer)

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"I could never kiss you just once
it was like drinking salt water
the thirstier I got
the better you looked"

- and even though you are making me sick, I will continue to kiss you — The Whiskey Writer (via the-whiskey-writer)

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